When most of us were kids, answering the phone during dinner was frowned upon. What rules have you established for your children’s cell phone habits? I&#39;m such a lesbian! Read Emily Dickinson. She makes me hot!<br/> <br/> 1.<br/> <br/> Her breast is fit for pearls,<br/> Bu t I was not a &#39;Diver&#39; -<br/> Her brow is fit for thrones<br/> But I have not a crest.<br/> Her heart is fit for home-<br/> I - a Sparrow - build there<br/> Sweet of twigs and twine<br/> My perennial nest.<br/> <br/> 2.<br/> <br/> Her sweet Weight on my Heart a Night<br/> Had scarcely deigned to lie -<br/> When, stirring, for Belief&#39;s delight,<br/> My Bride had slipped away<br/> <br/> If &#39;twas a Dream - made solid - just<br/> The Heaven to confirm -<br/> Or if Myself were dreamed of Her -<br/> The power to presume -<br/> <br/> With Him remain - who unto Me -<br/> Gave - even as to All -<br/> A Fiction superseding Faith -<br/> By so much - as &#39;twas real<br/> <br/> 7.<br/> <br/> Now I knew I lost her -<br/> Not that she was gone-<br/> But Remoteness travelled<br/> On her Face and Tongue.<br/> <br/> Alien, though adjoining<br/> As a Foreign Race<br/> Traversed she though pausing<br/> Latitudeless Place<br/> <br/> Elements Unaltered<br/> Universe the same<br/> But Love&#39;s transmigration<br/> Somehow this had come<br/> <br/> Henceforth to remember<br/> Nature took the Day<br/> I had paid so much for-<br/> His is Penury<br/> Not who toils for Freedom<br/> Or for Family<br/> But the Restitution<br/> Of Idolatry.<br/> <br/> 8.<br/> <br/> Frigid and sweet Her parting Face -<br/> Frigid and fleet my Feet-<br/> Alien and vain whatever Clime<br/> Acrid whatever Fate.<br/> <br/> Given to me without the Suit<br/> Riches and Name and Realm-<br/> Who was She to withold from me<br/> Penury and Home?<br/> <br/> 9.<br/> <br/> To see her is a Picture<br/> To hear her is a Tune<br/> To know her an Intemperance<br/> As innocent as June<br/> <br/> To know her not - Affliction -<br/> To own her for a Friend<br/> A warmth as near as if the Sun<br/> Were shining in your Hand.<br/> <br/>